Country Blues: Collectors Items 1931-1937 (Vol 2)

1.Spark Plug Smith - Mama's Doughnut
2.Spark Plug Smith - Motherless Boy
3.Spark Plug Smith - Stopped Clock Blues
4.Spark Plug Smith - Deserted Man Blues
5.Spark Plug Smith - You Put That Thing On Me
6.Spark Plug Smith - Sweet Evening Breeze
7.Spark Plug Smith - In a Shanty In Old Shanty Town
8.Spark Plug Smith - Vampire Woman
9.Spark Plug Smith - New Blue Heaven
10.Spark Plug Smith - Make It Tight
11.Blind Squire Turner - She Thinks She's Slick
12.Blind Squire Turner - Don't Like The Way You Do
13.Sophisticated Jimmy La Rue - Sweet Violets
14.Sophisticated Jimmy La Rue - Two Old Maids In A Folding Bed
15.Sophisticated Jimmy La Rue - Money Truckin' Blues
16.Papa Charlie McCoy - Times Ain't What They Used To Be
17.Andrew Smokey Hogg - Family Trouble Blues
18.Andrew Smokey Hogg - Kind Hearted Blues
19.Jimmie Rodgers & Clifford Gibson - Let Me Be Your Sidetrack


  1. Great to have you back--I especially liked the two cuts by Blind Squire Turner aka Blind Teddy Darby. I would be great to find a copy of his complete works on Document 6042 now out of print. Might you have this in your vast library and consider posting it? Great post!!

  2. have a look here:

    (it's from the very big library uploaded by Azzul, so it's already online on a blogspot elsewhere)