Document Records: Victoria Spivey 1936-1937 (Vol 4)

Dreaming of You (Take 1)
Dreaming of You (Take 2)
Can't Last Long
Mr. Freddie Blues (Take 1)
Mr. Freddie Blues (Take 2)
Trouble In Mind
Hollywood Stomp
Detroit Moan
Any-Kind-A-Man (Take 1)
Any-Kind-A-Man (Take 2)
Victoria Spivey
I Ain't Gonna Let You See My Santa...
One Hour Mama
Harlem Susie-Kue
Give It to Him (Take 1)
Give It to Him (Take 2)
Got the Blues So Bad
Down Hill Pull
From 1 to 12 (Dirty Dozen)
Good Cabbage
Time Ain't Long (Take 1)
Time Ain't Long (Take 2)
Don't Love No Married Man

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