Man of Constant Sorrow and other timeless Mountain Ballads

1.Lewis McDaniel And Walter Smith / I Went To See My Sweetheart
2.B.F. Shelton / Oh Molly Dear
3.Burnett And Rutherford / Willie Moore
4.Jimmie Tarlton / Lowe Bonnie
5.G.B. Grayson / Ommie Wise
6.Blue Sky Boys / In The Hills Of Roane County
7.Earl Johnson And His Dixie Entertainers / John Henry Blues
8.Roy Harvey And North Carolina Ramblers / George Collins
9.Buell Kazee / John Hardy
10.Emry Arthur / Man Of Constant Sorrow
11.Hickory Nuts / Louisville Burglar
12.Parker And Woolbright / Will The Weaver
13.B.F. Shelton / Darling Cora
14.Grayson And Whitter / I've Always Been A Rambler
15.Cousin Emmy / Pretty Little Miss Out In The Garden
16.Charlie Poole And North Carolina Ramblers / He Rambled
17.Green Bailey / The Fate Of Ellen Smith
18.Ernest Stoneman And Kahle Brewer / Wreck Of The Old 97
19.Eck Robertson And Family / The Island Unknown Part 1
20.Eck Robertson And Family / The Island Unknown Part 2

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