Document Recorts: Texas Slide Guitar: Oscar Woods & Black Ace 1930-1938

1.She's a Hum Dum Dinger (from Dingersville) (Jimmie Davis/Oscar Woods)
2.Fence Breakin' Blues (Shreveport Home Wreckers/Oscar Woods)
3.Home Wreckin' Blues (Shreveport Home Wreckers/Oscar Woods)
4.Bear Cat Mama from Horner's Corner (Jimmie Davis/Oscar Woods)
5.Saturday Night Stroll (Jimmie Davis/Oscar Woods)
6.Sewing Machine Blues (Jimmie Davis/Oscar Woods)
7.Red Nightgown Blues (Jimmie Davis/Oscar Woods)
8.Davis's Salty Dog (Jimmie Davis/Oscar Woods)
9.Evil Hearted Woman (Oscar Woods)
10.Lone Wolf Blues (Oscar Woods)
11.Don't Sell It - Don't Give It Away (Oscar Woods)
12.Muscat Hill Blues (Oscar Woods)
13.Don't Sell It (Don't Give It Away) (Oscar Woods)
14.Baton Rouge Rag (Kitty Gray/Oscar Woods)
15.Jam Session Blues (Oscar Woods)
16.Low Life Blues (Oscar Woods)
17.Token Blues (Oscar Woods)
18.Come On Over to My House Baby (Oscar Woods)
19.Trifling Woman (Black Ace)
20.Black Ace (Black Ace)
21.You Gonna Need My Help Some Day (Black Ace)
22.Whiskey and Women (Black Ace)
23.Christmas Time Blues (Black Ace)
24.Lowing Heifer (Black Ace)

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