Document Records: Daisy Martin & Ozie McPherson (1921-1926)

01 Royal Garden Blues
02 Spread Yo' Stuff
03 Play 'Em Mama Sing 'Em For Me
04 I Won't Be Back 'Till You Change Your Ways
05 Won't Someone Help Me Find Lovin' Man
06 Everybody's Man is My Man
07 How Long How Long
08 Sweet Daddy
09 Honolulu Lou
10 I Didn't Start In To Love You
11 Nightmare Blues
12 Keep On Going
13 Brown Skin
14 If You Don't Want Me
15 Feelin' Blues
16 What You Was, You Used To Be
17 You Gotta Know How
18 Outside of That He's All Right With Me
19 Standing On the Corner Blues
20 He's My Man
21 Down To the Bottom Where I Stay
22 I Want My Loving
23 Nobody Rolls Their Jelly Roll Like Mine
24 I'm Blue Since My Sweetie Want Away

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