Document Records: Fiddlin' John Carson 1929-1930 (Vol 6)

01 Who Bit the Wart off Grandma's Nose
02 Kate's Snuff Box
03 Sunny Tennessee
04 Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Licker Gives Out-
05 The Last Old Dollar Is Gone
06 Texas Blues
07 Raggedy Riley
08 The Raccoon and the Possum
09 Hen and the Rooster
10 Goin' Where the Climatre Suits My Clothes
11 The Dominicker Duck
12 Silver Threads Among the Gold
13 On the Banks of Old Tennessee
14 You Gotta Let My Dog Alone
15 John in the Army
16 The Old Grey Horse Ain't What He Used to Be
17 After the Ball
18 My Home in Dixie-Land
19 The Old Ship Is Sailing for the Promised Land
20 At the Cross
21 Take the Train to Charlotte
22 Little More Sugar in the Coffee
23 Didn't He Ramble


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