American most colorful Hillbilly Band 1946-1951 (2)

01 New Mule Skinner Blues
02 I Couldn't Believe It Was True
03 You've Been Talking in Your Sleep
04 Gosh, I Miss You All the Time
05 I'm Sending Daffydills
06 South
07 Chill in My Heart
08 Texas Guitar Stomp
09 Eight Thirty Blues
10 It's Only Human Nature
11 Why Not Confess
12 I'll Never Do It Again
13 Just One Little Kiss
14 I Love the Women
15 I Still Write Your Name in the Sand
16 (Last Night) I Heard You Crying in Your Sleep
17 You're Gonna Be Sorry Some of These Days
18 No One Is Sweeter Than You
19 Detour No. 2
20 Mama Says It's Naughty
21 I've Stopped My Dreaming About You
22 Kiss Me Quick and Go
23 Freight Train Boogie
24 Lonesome Hearted Blues
25 Cherokee Maiden
26 Okie Boogie
27 No One Will Ever Know
28 Red Silk Stockings and Green Perfume
29 Garden in the Sky
30 Dear Lord, Take My Hand