Document Records: Grayson & Whitter 1927-1928 (Vol 1)

1.Noboy's Darling
2.I'll Never Be Yours
3.Handsome Molly (GEX-905)
4.Shout Lula
5.You'll Never Miss Your Mother Until She's Gone
6.Train No. 45 (GEX-908)
7.Handsome Molly (40302)
8.He's Coming To Us Dead
9.Don't Go Out Tonight, My Darling
10.Rose Conley
11.Ommie Wise
12.Train 45 (40307)
13.Sally Gooden
14.My Mind Is To Marry (unissued)
15.She's Mine, All Mine
16.Sweet Roie O'Grady
17.Sweet Rosy O'Grady (unissued)
18.Red Or Green
19.Cluck Old Hen
20.Old Jimmy Sutton
21.The Red And Green Signal Lights
22.Joking Henry 

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