Al Clauser and his Oklahoma Outlaws 1937-1948

1.Oklahoma Stomp (1939)
2.It's A Rugged Road
3.Stompin' At The Riverside
4.Sally Goodin
5.Dance Of The Dodo Bird
6.My Sweet Papa
7.Dark Eyes
8.Why Waste Your Tears On Me
9.Broken Fingers
10.Weary Heart And Worried Mind
11.Draggin' The Bow
12.Some Sweet Day
13.Maggie Blues
14.Craw Dad Song
15.Osage Blues
16.My Little Cherokee
17.I Ain't Lazy Baby I'm Just Tired
18.Texas Quickstep
19.Soldier's Return
21.Never Let Those Deep Blues Get You Down
22.Cherokee Stomp
23.Frankie & Johnnie
24.A Good Man Gettin' A Bad Deal
25.Sunrise On A Guinea Farm
26.Old Gal
28.Never Pretend
29.Wake Up Susan
30.Foolin' Around
31.Devil's Dream
32.Saddle Your Worries
33.Oklahoma Stomp (1947)

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