Times ain't like they used to be (4)

1.Jimmie Tarlton / Lowe Bonnie
2.William Harris / Early Morning Blues
3.Burnett & Rutherford / Billy In The Lowground
4.Dixon Brothers / Rambling
5.Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley / Every Day In The Week Blues
6.Sweet Brothers / I Got A Bulldog
7.Cliff Carlisle / Tom Cat Blues
8.Hi Henry Brown / Preacher Blues
9.Kessinger Brothers / Salt River
10.Golden Melody Boys / Blushing Bride
11.Georgia Yellow Hammers / Kiss Me Quick
12.Charlie Patton / Magnolia Blues
13.Anglelas Le Jeunne / Perrodin Two Step
14.Fiddling John Carson / Bachelor's Hall
15.Tommy Johnson / Walking Shoes
16.Stripling Brothers / Wolves Howling
17.James Cole & His Washboard Band / Mistreated The Only Friend You Had
18.Martin & Hobbs / Havana River Guide
19.Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers / I Want Two Wings To Veil My Face
20.Jess Hillard & His West Virginia Hillbillies / Make Down The Bed And We'll Sleep Together
21.Skip James / Special Rider Blues
22.Watts & Wilson / Walk Right In
23.Rev. Rice & Congregation / Leaving All To Follow Jesus