The Essential Recordings of Texas Blues

1 Henry Thomas-Cotton Field Blues
2 Henry Thomas-Bull-Doze Blues
3 Henry Thomas-Fishing Blues
4 Dallas String Band-Dallas Rag
5 Blind Lemon Jefferson-Got the Blues
6 Blind Lemon Jefferson-Long Lonesome Blues
7 Blind Lemon Jefferson-Bad Luck Blues
8 Blind Lemon Jefferson-Match Box Blues
9 Blind Lemon Jefferson-See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
10 Hattie Hudson-Doggon My Good Luck Soul
11 Texas Alexander-Double Crossing Blues
12 J.T. Funny Paper Smith-Hungry Wolf Blues
13 Ramblin' Thomas-Ground Hog Blues
14 Bobbie Cadillac-Easin' In
15 Texas Bill Day-Elm Street Blues
16 Jack Ranger-Thieving Blues
17 Little Hat Jones-Hurry Blues
18 Jesse Thomas-Blue Goose Blues
19 Joe Pullum-Black Gal What Makes Your Head So Hard
20 Bernice Edwards-Ninth Street Stomp
21 Whistlin' Alex Moore-Bull Cow Blues
22 Black Ace-Triffling Woman
23 Black Ace-You Gonna Need My Help Someday
24 T-Bone Walker-Got A Break Baby

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