Times ain't like they used to be (3)

1.Blind Willie Johnson/ I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole
2.Ashley's Melody Men/ Bath House Blues
3.Frank Hutchison/ Worried Blues
4.Jelly Jaw Short/Snake Doctor Blues
5.East Texas Serenaders/ Acorn Stomp
6.Carlisle Brothers/ Sal Got a Meatskin
7.Sleepy John Estes/ Streetcar Blues
8.Luke Highnight & His Ozark Strutters/ Fort Smith Breakdown
9.Wilmer Watts & His Lonely Eagles/ Sleepy Desert
10.Son House/ Walking Blues
11.Allison's Sacred Harp Singers/ Sweet Rivers
12.Williamson Brothers & Curry/ Gonna Die With My Hammer in My Hand
13.Charlie Patton/ Mean Black Cat
14.Lowe Stokes/ Billy in the Lowground
15.Jelly Roll Anderson/ Good Time Blues
16.Fiddling John Carson & His Virginia Reelers/ Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over
17.Fruit Jar Guzzlers/ Steel Driving Man
18.Skip James/ I'm So Glad
19.Uncle Dave Macon & His Fruit Jar Drinkers/ Rok About My Sara Jane
20.Cap, Andy & Flip/ I'm Taking My Audition to Sing Up in the Sky
21.Buster Johnson & James Cole's Washboard Band/ Undertaker Blues
22.Oscar Harper's Texas String Band/ Sally Johnson
23.Fa Sol La Singers/ I'll Stay on the Right Road Now


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