Document Records: Dixon Brothers 1937 (Vol 2)

01 Answer to Maple on the Hill, Pt. 4
02 Beautiful Stars
03 I Will Meet My Precious
04 Weaver's Life
05 Darling Do You Miss Me
06 Little Bessie
07 How Can a Broke Man Be Happy
08 The School House Fire
09 She Tickles Me
10 Fisherman's Luck
11 At Twilight Old Pal of Yesterday
12 Call Me Pal of Mine
13 Bless His Promise
14 The Well of Jacob; Jesus Said
15 I Won't Accept Anything for My Soul
16 What Can I Give in Exchange
17 What Would You Give in Exchange, Pt. 5
18 The Girl I Left in Danville
19 Two Little Boys
20 The Lonely Prisoner
21 The Old Home Brew
22 Always Waiting for You
23 When Jesus Appeared

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