Jazz The World Forgot (1)

To-Wa-Bac-A-Wa - Louis Dumaine's Jazzola Eight (1927)
Happy Pal Stomp - Roy Johnson's Happy Pals (1929)
Goin' Crazy With The Blues - Mamie Smith (1926)
Over In The Gloryland - Sam Morgan's Jazz Band (1927)
Mojo Strut - Pickett-Parham Apollo Syncopators (1926)
Four Four Rhythm - Paul Tremaine And His Aristocrats (1929)
The Boy In The Boat - Charlie Johnson And His Paradise Band (1928)
She's Sweeter Than Sugar - Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra (1925)
Florida Rhythm - Ross De Luxe Syncopaters (1927)
Texas And Pacific Blues - Frenchy's String Band (1928)
Everybody Loves My Baby - Taylor's Dixie Serenaders (1931)
Kansas City Stomps - Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers (1928)
Hot And Heavy - Ben Tobier And His California Cyclones (1930)
Percolatin' Blues - Fowler's Favorites (1927)
Slowin' Down Blues - Oliver Naylor's Orchestra (1925)
While You're Sneaking Out (Somebody Else Is Eazin' In) - George McClennon's Jazz Devils (1926)
Hard Luck - Floyd Mills And His Marylanders (1929)
Postage Stomp - Maynard Baird And His Orchestra (1930)
Mabel's Dream - King Oliver's Jazz Band (1923)
I'll Fly To Hawaii - Gowan's Rhapsody Makers (1926)
Arkansas Shout - Sammie Lewis With His Bamville Syncopators (1926)
Lot's O' Mama - The Hotentots (1926)
Somebody Stole My Gal - Frankie Franko And His Louisianians (1930)



  1. Is the link not working or just not uploaded yet? Thanks. Awesome stuff posted.

  2. everything is working fine IF you copy the link address straight to your browser. I don't know why this stupid google is always adding things to the links. Anyway next week we will reach 500 blog posts - and then my job is done. Have fun

  3. thanks for all the wonderful music, I hope you reconsider and don't retire at 500 posts! I ceratinly appreciate your fine music here.

  4. certainly, I meant. (typo)

  5. i hope you don't stop at 500!
    there are a few things up here where there are just volume 6, volume 3, etc and not the rest, is this due to google or can you not find the other ones? I can't find them either and it's not really a bad thing, just pointing it out! great stuff on this blog, thanks!