Skeets Tolbert and his Gentlemen of Swing: Classics 1940-1942

1.Sammy's Chopping Block
2.Jumpin' Like Mad
3.Sugar Boogie
4.I'll Make It Worth Your While
5.Those Draftin' Blues
6.Hit That Jive Jack
7.Bugle Blues
8.Four O' Clock Blues
9.Uncle Eph's Dream
10.Big Fat Butterfly
11.The Rhumba Blues
12.Jumpin' In The Numbers
13.That's That Messy Boogie
14.Lazy Gal Blues
15.Git It
16.What's The Matter Now
17.Delta Land Blues
19.Ride On
20.Because I Love My Daddy So
22.Hey Man! Hey Man! (Reese - Styles)